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2008.03: QVGA skins by mfougere
2008.03: 6 cool themes by Richi Ric
2008.03: pretty Vista like skin QVGA/VGA (by Osprey)

Download additional skins for psShutXP:

  • basic QVGA skins 320x240
  • user designed skins QVGA
  • QVGA skins by Richi Ric
  • QVGA skins by mfougere
  • VGA skins 640x480, part 1
  • VGA skins 640x480, part 2
  • how design psshutxp skin

    You can download skis for normal or VGA screen from our site -, alse you can create own skin using our templates.

    How to install skin: unpack skin file and copy all files to psShutXP folder on PDA, than restart programm, default path "\Program files\psShutXP".

    Manual: How to create psShutXp skin»
    Download XP Style German version
    psShutXP skin - XP Style German version, Download
    default XP skin
    default skin - XP OS
    Download Aqua Mac
    psShutXP skin - Aqua Mac, Download
    Download Pixel OS
    psShutXP skin - Pixel OS, Download
    Download SouLuna
    psShutXP skin - SouLuna, Download
    Download Fly
    psShutXP skin - Fly, Download
    Download Smiles
    psShutXP skin - Smiles, Download
    Download AlphaOS
    psShutXP skin - AlphaOS, Download
    Download Whisler OS
    psShutXP skin - Whishler OS, Download
    Download Silver
    psShutXP skin - Silver, Download
    Download Aqua
    psShutXP skin - Aqua, Download

    Dialogs style have the same appearance as the Microsoft Windows XP Shutdown dialog.

    Manual: How to create psShutXp skin»

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    Russian site»

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