Shot manual: How to create you own skin for psShutXP

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Download additional skins for psShutXP:

  • basic QVGA skins 320x240
  • user designed skins QVGA
  • QVGA skins by Richi Ric
  • QVGA skins by mfougere
  • VGA skins 640x480, part 1
  • VGA skins 640x480, part 2
  • how design psshutxp skin

    All control elements of psShutXP has fixed position:

    Hotspot of user controls

    User controls:
    1. turn off screen;
    2. turn off device;
    3. reset;
    4. password protection;
    5. scheduler;
    6. checkbox: systray icon (red spot for checkmark);
    7. cancel;
    0. hard reset!

    Sample files of SouLuna skin:

  • psshutxp_skin_rus.gif, size: 220x140 - dialog:

  • psshutxp_skin.gif, size: 16x16 - checkmark for IconTray:
    Checkmark for IconTray

    Source of PSD template (Adobe Photoshop) with layers fo QVGA mode:
    Download PSD (Adobe Photoshop ) skins template

    PSD template (Adobe Photoshop) for VGA mode (HiRes):
    Controls position VGA version of psShutXP,
download Adobe Photoshop PSD template

    Skin's filenames:

  • psshutxp_skin.gif - checkmark (16x16);
  • psshutxp_skin_rus.gif - russian dialog (220x140);
  • psshutxp_skin_eng.gif - english dialog.

    For VGA version:
  • psshutxp_skin_vga.gif - checkmark (24x24);
  • psshutxp_skin_rus_vga.gif - russian dialog (440x280);
  • psshutxp_skin_eng_vga.gif - english dialog.

    If you design good skin, email it to us (ppcsoft* and we publish skin on this site.

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