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PPCSoft: Pocket PC Software Group

Utility for Pocket PC
turn off, display off and restart for PocketPC, PPCSoft
and set timer dialog Home page of original psShutXP utility for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile

psShutXP - easily turn off, display off and restart your Pocket PC
Last Release: 0.29 Dec 2004 (freeware)
© 2004-2008

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Site News:
2008.08.11: basic XP Style skin for psShutXP German version
2008.07.17: psShutXP has received a 5 Star Rating at
2008.07.14: new VGA skin for psShutXP O2 XDA
2008.07.13: new VGA skin for psShutXP iPhone, cool!
2008.07.12: new psShutXP VGA skin Alienware
2008.06.19: new VGA skin - Tiger OS
2008.06.19: new HTC Diamond
2008.05.22: Mobile Wallpapers updated, today more than 2700 pictures and created Russian site version»

2008.03.29: new 7 VGA skins!
2008.03.27: new VGA skins
2008.03.27: new user's skins
2008.03.23: new mfougere QVGA skins

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Download additional skins for psShutXP»
Manual: How to create psShutXp skin»

Download psShutXp 0.29 English version

  • QVGA models [240x320]: ARM/XScale - iPAQ, Pocket PC 2000, 2002, 2003, WM5, WM6 & others (30 Kb).

  • VGA models [640x480]: XScale, WM2003SE, Windows Mobile, WM5, WM6 - VGA display (HiRes mode) (38 Kb).

    Looking for Russian version?

    How to install this software?
    Download the or for VGA version to your desktop PC and copy the file to your device using ActiveSync. On the device click on cab file in the file explorer. Setup procedure will start only on the device. You can find program in default folder - "\Program Files\psShutXP". After first run psShutXP creates two icons in "Program" folder psShutXP and Display Switch (bind it with your favorite button) and switch Display in any time while other program working.

    With psShutXP for Pocket PCs you can easily control power and display of your PDA. psShutXP is good free extension for Wisbar Advance 1.x and 2.x. Extend WisBar Advance functions with psShutXP. Unlike other similar utilities psShutXP covers all power functions:

  • Soft Reset;
  • Shutdown;
  • Display switch Off/On (You can bind it to any hardware key);
  • Password lock;
  • You can also schedule all these functions using timer dialog;
  • Icon in "Today" screen in the tray for quick access
  • Microsoft Windows XP-style main dialog with gray background and shadow;
  • Program is very small, only 35 Kb;
  • look for and apply funny skins for psShutXP or create new one;
  • for advanced users psShutXP has a hidden function: hard reset with double confirmation;
  • Also we have special version for WM2003SE that supports VGA screen.
  • some WisBar Advance themes include skin for psShutXP!

    Display switch
    You can map Display switch to any hardware button, after that you can easily switch you display without turning the PDA off.

    Download additional skins for psShutXP:

  • basic QVGA skins 320x240
  • user designed skins QVGA
  • QVGA skins by Richi Ric
  • QVGA skins by mfougere
  • VGA skins 640x480, part 1
  • VGA skins 640x480, part 2
  • how design psshutxp skin

    Download cool additional skins

    Manual: How to create psShutXp skin»

    No shotcuts
    If you rename program to psShutXP_nosc.exe the shotcuts in Program folder will not be created (may be useful for someone).


    Five Stars of   psShutXP has received a 5 Star Rating at   Five Stars of Daolnwod.Net   4 Stars of

    If you design good skin, email it to us (ppcsoft* and we publish skin on this site.

    Yan, Alex M., ouzZC@r (!), Kot Zuxel, Myagkie tapochkiR, Sergey Z, AndyTheBear, Art_Lord, Buzan, dA6y, Duke_srg, Gafs, Gook, mal4ik, Mikki L'Andgello, nau, NickM, NiKeF, pvmj, SE, Ted, woo7, ztutov.

    Please download other versions: normal or VGA screen, english or russian interface from our site -

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